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Why am I bloating after meals or in some cases after drinking water?

October 30, 2019

Bloated Tummy

For some people, this is an all-day problem that starts the moment they wake up (with a nice flat tummy) and gradually gets worse throughout the day and for others, it comes and goes – maybe related to a food trigger, maybe low stomach acid or low amounts of digestive enzymes are to blame. But there is definitely an imbalance of good gut microbiome within your digestive tract!

As someone who can totally relate to this 'bloated belly' problem and how annoying it can be I'm able to assist you on the how and the why this is happening to YOU.

Candida albicans overgrowth is linked to bloating it can present by having a thick white covering on your tongue along with re-occurring bouts of thrush (these are the more obvious signs.)

• While a healthy gut, a diverse microbiome, and learning to better manage stress are all great steps to reduce your bloating. These aren’t enough if you have severe bloating!

• On top of your bloating you may also suffer from constipation - meaning three or fewer trips to the bathroom in a week. Your Mums (or doctors) advice was to eat plenty of fibre and drink more water which made the bloating worse.

• Or you may be at the other end of the scale and suffer from diarrhoea– the type of diarrhoea that strikes soon after a meal and leaves them scrambling to find the closest bathroom.

• So what’s behind this bloating and constipation and why is it so hard to treat? The answer may surprise you… It’s possible your bloating is caused by methane. Yes, we’re talking CH4, otherwise known by chemists as a colourless, odourless, volatile inert gas.

• Humans produce methane in their intestines through a process called methanogenesis. And when this occurs, the result can be really uncomfortable gas and bloating. Methanogenesis depends on the presence of a special type of bacteria in the colon called methanogens.

• While it is normal and healthy to have a diverse bacteria in your colon – including the presence of methanogens – if you’re primarily a methane-producer, it can help to explain why you struggle with bloating.

• Methane producers suffer more frequently from bloating than non-producers. Methane producers also suffer more frequently with abdominal pain and gas (farting.)

• Methane acts as a paralytic to slow down gastrointestinal transit time - eating small meals frequently is not for you! It can actually make your symptoms worse.

• If you are bloated and suffer from frequent episodes of diarrhoea then you may be producing too much hydrogen gas.

• If you experience any of these above symptoms you may have SIBO (small intestinal bacteria overgrowth.) The bloating is often occurring as a result of fermentation. Fermentation is a metabolic process that converts sugar to acids, gases, or alcohol. The gas build up leads to the bloat. Often the six months pregnant bloating when all you are incubating is food, not a baby (just like my photo above!) The favourite food that the bacteria like to ferment are certain types of carbohydrates, namely fructose and sorbitol in fruits, lactose in dairy, and fructans in wheat or onions.

In clinic I recommend that all my adult or teenage clients who have any of these symptoms be tested for SIBO through the original SIBO Breath Test – its currently the only correct way to have a proper SIBO diagnosis. I don’t usually get my little clients to do this (but they certainly can) as they don’t have as much history of most of the contributing factors. I usually recommend dietary changes and some herbal capsules or nutritional supplements to assist with their tummy problems.

You could be suffering from SIFO (small intestinal fungal overgrowth) which is what most of my Candida clients have or LIBO (large intestinal bacterial overgrowth) which can be another reason for bloating but the gas causing this problem is hydrogen sulphide.

Want to find out more???

Book online for your consultation and lets find out what’s going on in your tummy and STOP this BLOATING!

Happy Healthy Tummy

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